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The Ernest Hemingway first residence in Cuba between 1932 and 1939

Room 511, first Hemingway Residence

In the Hotel Ambos Mundos, the room 511 stay exactly similar to when in her the North American celebrated writer Ernest Hemingway lived, his first residence in Cuba (1932-1939), space that was, as he said, ideal to write.

Museum Room  511, first Hemingway Residence

At the present time it is conserved as museum, rather well-known as The room of Hemingway. The same one located in the last floor of the property, is an almost roomy place, where it is observed, for example, a table that you can ascend and to lower, since Hemingway could not write a lot of sat down time due to a wound that he received in the leg during his participation in First World War.

The room furniture, the same as the hotel in its group, combines the styles art-deco and art-nouveau, with a matrimonial bed of mahogany, an armchair, a wicker seat, an auxiliary table, a dresser, numbers of old magazines, and an edition of Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote, next to the fundamental piece, his typewriter Rémington, where he began to write its novel " For Whom the Bell Tolls", besides numerous articles for the magazine Esquire.

There is also a horn of an antelope hunted in Kenya and a shotgun Winchester of the days of the writer's hunt in África.

Although Hemingway lived 20 years in the La Vigía Property. "the house of a writer is where he has his books", García Márquez said., the writer's first refuge in Cuba was this room 511 of the Hotel Ambos Mundos that he chose exclusively for the privileged view of the city that could contemplate from the windows.

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