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The Ernest Hemingway first residence in Cuba between 1932 and 1939
Hotel Ambos Mundos Facade

Hotel Ambos Mundos

The Hotel Ambos Mundos, it is par excellence the literary hotel of Havana. Of category four stars, at the present time it is, "a good place" to enjoy a stay that will allow to admire the values of the old part of Havana.

Hotel Ambos Mundos Facade

The Hotel Ambos Mundos was the first residence famous writer's Ernest Hemingway, enjoys an excellent location in the epicenter of the tourism (Center historical of the city of Havana’s San Cristóbal), in the corners of the Obispo and Mercaderes streets to single 20 meters of old Palacio de Los Capitanes Generales.

The Hotel Ambos Mundos open up to three points of the city for large windows: one, guided toward the north, gives to the Obispo street; other, more toward the east, at the Mercaderes street, and the third, located among both first, making corner.

Hotel Ambos Mundos Facade

This famous Hotel Ambos Mundos is a forced visit to everybody who pass some days in Havana. The sensation that gives when you enter it is that of the typical hotel of passed years, very well conserved.

It gets the attention in principle, the yesteryear elevator, with grate door that takes you for all the floors to the roof, well-known as The Mirador of Old Havana, in which one can enjoy stupendous views of the bay of Havana, as well as the buildings, ruin contrast and magnificence.

Hotel Ambos Mundos Facade

In the attic you can enjoy a tropical drink and listen music, while you rest and relax yourself contemplating the fantastic landscape. The narrow stairways of Hotel Ambos Mundos make you feel that history sensation that only in Havana can feels.

The image of the Hotel Ambos Mundos are completed with an atmosphere that includes works of cuban important artists, among them Flora Fong, Nelson Domínguez and Ever Fonseca, to conform this way an enviable place that picks up part of the rich history of Havana.

Hotel Ambos Mundos Facade

Visit the Hotel Ambos Mundos becomes a pleasure and also a kind of a reunion with Ernest Hemingway an american of large body that chose to Havana like his refuge during more than 20 years, and whose shade still walks for the corridors of this hotel, in search of the Obispo street.

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